My name is Ivan!
I am a web designer and create websites: |

My marketing and sales background helps me understand consumers and business challenges well. By combining marketing, design and sales skills, I create solutions that meet customer needs.

In my work I use Figma graphic editor and Tilda website builder.



With the help of this editor I draw the design of the site for any format: desktop, tablet, phone. I prepare the layout of the site for layout designers in a convenient form for them.
One-page site
от 200 $
Multi-page website
от 400 $


On the constructor I draw the design of the site, layout and launch without the involvement of layout designers. Tilda is a platform on which it is possible to create any design with animation.
One-page site
от 300 $
Multi-page website
от 350 $
Online store
от 400 $
Layout of the finished design
от 100 $
I am always online and available to discuss your project